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Baker Tree Service LLC Landscaping

Create Beautiful Designs

Baker Tree Service LLC is not just limited to trees, we are complete landscape experts! From new home installations to complete and custom design we can do it all! Professional, Affordable, and Beautiful! We work hand in hand with our customers to deliver stunning and over-the-top designs limited only by your imagination. With our team of expert landscapers and your unique ideas, there is no limit to the unique designs we can create!

Existing Landscape Renovation

Do you have an existing landscape that is just overgrown or dead? We can save any plant life that is thriving and remove and replace any dead plants. Add in a fresh edge line and new mulch to make any exterior look brand new!


Wanting a new mulch bed or just fresh mulch for your existing beds? No problem! Commercial or Residential, Baker Tree Service LLC is here for you! Call today for pricing or a free estimate!

Custom Design: Landscape and Hardscape

We can install the Landscape design of your dreams! From custom pavers to fountains and retaining walls we can create beautiful landscapes to match your exact needs!


Help your landscape grow and also eliminate those pesky weeds! We have a safe application that can take care of both needs with a single application.

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